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At Personal Care Dentistry we practice the full scope of General Dentistry.  This is the fundamental approach to your care that involves a comprehensive assessment of your oral health in relation to your overall health and helping you address any needs or concerns to get you to a more optimal oral health level.


It truly encompasses a wide range of procedures. Most notably are fillings, cleanings, crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, and implant restorations. 

This serves as the mainstay of treatment behind most dental patient needs. 


The best part is that at PersonalCareDentistry you can be assured that Dr. Diorio has the skills, knowledge, and passion to deliver to you these foundation-based general dentistry services.  Dr. Diorio also collaborates with a team of specialists like periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and endodontists to always ensure you are receiving the highest quality level of care.   

    We also pride ourselves on helping out the entire family. Family dentistry goes beyond just taking care of one's teeth.  It involves building personal relationships with the families we treat.  At Personal Care Dentistry, Dr. Diorio places special emphasis on building a strong rapport with each one of his patients to help establish a bond that is long lasting.  He wants you to feel comfortable around him and his staff like you were one of his own family members.  With regular recall appointments and close monitoring of child development, you can expect your family will receive the proper care to grow in health and confidence. The entire family is welcomed here at Personal Care Dentistry, and it is truly a place that your family can grow and call their dental home. 

What You Can Expect During Your Regular Visit:

  • Regular Cleanings and Check Ups

    • We recommend that you come in every 6 months for your routine exam and cleaning.  We can perform a routine oral cancer screening and ensure no problems are developing.  Most tooth problems develop over time and it's usually not until you start to feel pain that you realize you have a problem.  With regular cleanings we diligently evaluate and monitor your oral health so that we can prevent any sudden tooth problems.  We want you to be at ease knowing your teeth are in a healthy condition.  Recall appointments are a crucial part of maintaining your oral health.

  • Dental X-Rays 

    • We use digital xray technology in accordance with the ALARA(As Low As Reasonable Achievable) radiation philosophy.  Our philosophy is to utilize radiation to help us diagnose problems and prevent disease.  We do not believe in exposing you to any radiation that is not absolutely indicated or necessary.  Again, we focus on using as little radiation as possible to accomplish our treatment needs.  Our dental x-rays ensure that problems are detected fast and dealt with quickly.

  • Fluoride Treatment 

    • Fluoride is a way to keep your teeth strong, healthy, and most important more acid resistant.  We use regular fluoride treatments on patients age 6-18 y/o and sometimes we prescribe high dose fluoride toothpaste for patients that have a severe risk for cavities.  


Join us today in helping you restore your mouth back to a positive oral health condition or continuing to help you maintain your current healthy status. 

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