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At PersonalCareDentistry, we have a comprehensive approach to all of our veneer cases. This approach starts with identifying your concerns.  What exactly are you dissatisfied with? Is it the color, shape, alignment, size, length, staining, etc?  Then, we obtain full arch diagnostic impressions and photographs.  With that information, we can develop a set of proposed veneer types just for you.  We review these proposed options with you, and then together decide on one that best fits your mouth, personality, and overall appearance.  Once we've finalized our plan, we begin your transformation process and within as soon as 1 visit can start changing your smile forever. 


Custom Characterized Veneers

We select our veneers specifically to possess the highest quality porcelain(glass) that matches your natural teeth in color and translucency.  The best part is that people you meet won't be able to tell you are wearing veneers.  We can use veneers to correct for size discrepancies, color problems, staining, and tooth defects to give you the smile you deserve and more confidence to show off your teeth to friends, family, partners, coworkers, etc.

You May Want Veneers If Your Teeth Are:

  • Broken

  • Spacing problems

  • Chipped

  • Cracked

  • Stained

  • Discolored

  • Decayed

  • Damaged

  • Misaligned

Enhance Your Appearance Today

Call our Philadelphia office and set up your appointment: 215-335-4955

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