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Cosmetic Dentistry

Through cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Diorio utilizes the most advanced porcelain to give you a natural beautiful smile.  Dr. Diorio analyzes your facial & smile proportions and proposes a smile design that is customized to you. Most of us are subject to tooth discrepancies that require improvement.  Like for example a tooth that is discolored due to trauma, or a set of teeth that are worn down from attrition.  Sometimes your natural color is not as enhanced as you would like.  The goal is to always give you the smile you desire.  We have a tried and true approach to all cosmetic cases that involves diagnostic impressions and photographs, tooth color, shape, and size selections and the use of provisional phases to help work out the details before finalizing a case.  In the end, we get results that our patients love. 

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Dentistry Here For You

Insurance Plans We Participate With

For your benefit, We participate with the following plans..  Contact the office to inquire about your specific plan.  We can help you determine your maximum yearly benefits, copays, percentage coverage for each procedure, and much more. Always try and know about your coverage before going to the dentist to help better prepare you for your maximum benefits.

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

In order to achieve the highest quality case outcomes we have developed a comprehensive approach to our treatment protocols.  This approach starts with the conversation of goals and expectations, includes study models, photographs, smile design, provisionalization phases, and ultimately the final outcome.  We never finish a case until the patient is completely and 100% confident and satisfied with their smile.  This tried and true approach to your cosmetic needs will predictably give you something to smile about.

Comfortable Dentistry

No one wants to be at the dentist.  And so, we believe at PersonalCareDentistry, you should feel comfortable and relaxed.  And we believe that all starts with a strong patient-doctor relationship.  Some patients may need extensive work completed, and so it is very important that you feel comfortable every step of the way.  Remember, we are here to help you through this process and not here to cause you discomfort in any way.  We have special techniques to help you get through your visit.  But you have to take the first step.