Your First Visit. 

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Get Acquainted With The Office

You will be greeted by Gina at the front desk.  Meet our lead dental assistant Brianna.  And meet and be treated by Dr. Michael Diorio.  


Choose Either a Comprehensive 

or a Focused/Problem Based Exam. 

We strongly recommend that all new patients have a full exam by Dr. Michael Diorio on the first visit to understand the full scope of your oral health needs.  However, we also understand that some patients just have a very specific problem that needs emergency attention, like a tooth-ache.  We treat same-day emergencies.


Get a Cleaning on Your Very First Visit.  

Ideally, we try to clean your teeth on your first visit.  We want to start providing you with a positive oral health outlook right from the start. 


We use relaxing techniques and music therapy to help keep you comfortable

Dr. Michael Diorio firmly believes that when patients are comfortable, he can perform better treatment for his patients.  He uses relaxation techniques and music therapy to help keep you calm & relaxed the entire visit. 


Receive a
Hygiene Care Kit 

Includes a toothbrush, floss, rinse, and Dr. Diorio's Patient-Guide Nutrition Book.

We are excited to meet you.  At your first visit you can expect to have a comprehensive evaluation performed.  This will include the following

  • a review of your medical and dental histories

  • an extra-oral exam of your facial muscles, TMJ, thyroid, and a screening for any lymph node swellings

  • an intra-oral exam to evaluate your soft tissue for any pathology, lesions, or oral cancer.

  • a set of x-rays and a complete radiographic examination 

  • a full assessment of your teeth and surrounding gum tissue

After collecting the necessary information for a complete diagnosis, I will explain any issues and help you choose options for your treatment. If there is time, we may clean your teeth during this appointment.

We respect your time, and in return, we expect you to respect ours.  We ask that you please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to complete any necessary medical/dental forms before you are seen by the doctor.  We will make sure you are seen promptly for your scheduled appointment.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly to help you better understand any concerns you may have.