Cosmetic Dentistry

          Cosmetics is a term used to describe the process of enhancing one's appearance. Through cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Diorio is able to create just that.  It's not about creating beauty, for beauty is naturally preserved in all of us.  Instead, Dr. Diorio applies his keen eye and skills to helping you transform your smile and enhance your appearance.  Most of us are subject to tooth discrepancies that require improvement.  Like for example a tooth that is discolored due to trauma, or a set of teeth that are worn down from attrition.  Sometimes your natural color is not as enhanced as you would like them.  The goal is to always give you the smile you desire.  We have a tried and true approach to all cosmetic cases that involves diagnostic impressions and photographs, tooth color, shape, and size selections and the use of provisional phases to help work out the details before finalizing a case.  In the end, we get results that our patients love. 

Family Dentistry

         Family dentistry goes beyond just taking care of one's teeth.  It involves building personal relationships with real people, not just manikin heads.  At Personal Care Dentistry, Dr. Diorio places special emphasis on building a strong rapport with each one of his patients to help establish a bond that is long lasting.  He wants you to feel comfortable around him and his staff like you were one of his own family members.  With regular recall appointments and close monitoring of child development, you can expect your family will receive the proper care to grow in health and confidence. The entire family is welcomed here at Personal Care Dentistry, and it is truly a place that your family can grow and call home.

General Dentistry

          General Dentistry encompasses a wide range of procedures. Most notably are fillings, crowns, bridges, root canal therapy, and scaling/root planning.  Dr. Diorio is equipped with the skills and experience required to treat all different types of dental-based patients.  From the moment you walk in, he delivers patient-centered care with emphasis on quality. 


          Losing your teeth seems like a losing battle, but with Dr. Diorio's profound experience and knowledge with restoring the edentulous patient you can finally expect a better quality of life.  We all love to eat, laugh, and be confident with that first impression and we all know it starts with how we smile.  Having a new set of teeth is probably the single most refreshing feeling to be had.  Like being reborn again. Dr. Diorio works diligently with you to restore that true youthfulness and vigor you may seldom reflect back on.  It's a spark you can't just ignite without that new set of teeth and that's what dentures can offer you.


Dental Implants

          With the current rise and hype surrounding dental implants, dentistry has been able to offer patients an ideal restorative option for missing teeth. The dental implant is a revolutionary treatment option in dentistry.  With much evidence supporting its effectiveness as a long-term restorative option, along with the advantage of being able to replace missing teeth without drilling into adjacent teeth(as is the case in dental bridges), dental implants stand as the ideal restorative option.  At Personal Care Dentistry, Dr. Diorio works with you to determine if dental implants is right for you. It depends on a number of factors(like bone availability, periodontal status, social habits(smoking), hygiene compliance, etc).  Dr. Diorio will determine if you are a candidate for implant placement.  Contact our northeast Philadelphia dentist office to achieve your implant consult with Dr. Diorio.